Saturday, July 30, 2011

change is good, right??

I felt this spring this was going to be my year! I felt in my heart something about 2011 was going to be special, different, and that CHANGE was coming for my life.

If you haven't noticed, its almost August and the only change I have felt was the heat.......... and ya know, I was really frustrated this change had not happened yet to me or Project Viatu.  Then I heard the Lord say to me, "simplify your life to hear my voice and in doing I will prepare you for what Project Viatu will become". Cool. WHAT? I'm a stay at home mother, my hubs and I have one car, I don't have much of a life to simplify Lord! I also learned you shouldn't second guess God when He tells you something..probably not the best idea :)

I realized after "mourning-the- loss-of-my-past-life-that-never-happened" episode, even though Christ has 'something' for us sometimes we have to except and initiate that change.  We have to be the do-er to get the good change happening.  Through simplifying my life, my heart, and spiritual life it has opened the door for good things to happen and good change to take place.

A sermon my father-in-law wrote last April was titled this, " Good Things Are Happening"  He said there are 3 problems with good.

Problem #1. Good is misunderstood. God wants our circumstances to be changed and he wants us to be blessed!

"What God does to you, he does in you, THROUGH you and FOR you." -Craig McLeod

Problem #2. Good causes conflict.  Good created you for invading darkness, God takes on darkness and dispels it.

problem #3  Good is not popular.  "People thrive in conflict, don't get comfortable with and in your inner pain" ohh Lord.. say that one again! :)

"The greatest blessing is what God does in us and taking that blessing to others and letting it come through us" Craig McLeod

Now, that is good!! And yes, good things are happening!

side note: Isn't my father in law awesome?

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