Sunday, November 20, 2011

Woman of Christ

Since my papa Mathews passed away I have been spending a lot more time with my Grandma Mathews (or Grandma Mattie as my little brothers call her hehe).  I have always felt close to my grandma Mathews. Ever since I can remember we have been writing letters to one another on a weekly basis. Now that she lives in Tulsa there is no more need for letters :) After all, my letters were always more than 4 pages long and when I didn't hear back from her by the next week, well, I wrote her ANOTHER one.  And if you are wondering, which you probably aren't ha, I have saved every letter she wrote me.

Let me give you a little back ground on grandma. Ruth Mathews is a strong, Godly woman.  She was born in 1923.  So, she was 5 or 6 during The Great Depression and was married to a Navy fellow (Papa) during World War II.  Grandma raised 4 Godly, grounded children and that alone is an amazing accomplishment to me!  Ruth is a giver, a woman of love. Something I have always admired about grandma is her support of missionaries, and the gift of love and time she gives to the elderly in nursing homes.  As a young girl, I remember going to the nursing home across the street from my grandma's church and watching her graciously join the nursing home elderly on Sundays.  She still visits the nursing home residents in her community where she lives.

I feel as though we, as people, are apart of our ancestors.  Our paths were molded by the hardships, the joys, the triumphs, and tragedies our ancestors went through.  And there is SOMETHING extra special about coming from women of faith that is passed down from generation to generation.  After all, Christ should be our hope and inspiration to get through our struggles. He is our rock with whom we stand and rely on.

I try to soak in every word and moment that grandma Mathews and I have together.  I often think when I'm with her, how can I be more like her? How can I learn to love like she loves? How can I possess the strength and character like her? How do I stay thin and beautiful like her?! Wait... I mean.

The answer I have learned from Grandma Mathews is this:  a constantly growing relationship with Christ.