Friday, March 9, 2012

Bloody and Bruised

Lately, I have been thinking about how we are all God's children, how we were all once babies, someones sweet miracle, or someones surprise!  We all have moms that birthed us into this world. Whether they wanted us or not, God longed for our tiny hearts the moment it started beating.

When I see homeless people I think, "That is God's CHILD! That man or woman was once someones precious bundle of joy. That stinky, drunk person was someones perfect joy."

Today I heard the dogs barking outside, it was one of those 'something is going on barks', so I rushed to the kitchen window to see very bloodied and hysterical woman in the street.  Two men in a large truck with a work trailer were just stepping out of the car.  I first thought this woman had been hit by a car! I instantly started seeking the Lord in prayer and rushed outside! I heard the woman's words as she was weeping and in pain, she said, "He has been beating me all day! I got away this time! Is he coming back??He's been beating me for years!"  Her eye was round and swollen, bloodshot and purple.  Her mouth dripping like a bloody red faucet, and the skin on her inside lip tattered and torn,  her teeth were cracked, she was dirty, and I could smell the strong stench of alcohol.

James 2 says, "Mercy triumphs judgement"

I ran inside and intentionally fetched a burp cloth because it was made of heavy, soft cotton.

As I grabbed the burp cloth from the closet, I put it back thinking, "WAIT! This is Ian's burp cloth, in fact its the nice kind! And it was my little brothers so, it has so many dear memories...I should get an old rag instead."  After that thought I picked back up the burp cloth.  That burp cloth has nurtured babies and gently wiped the milk off their lips for 6 years. Is this soft cotton not appropriate to also wipe the blood off a needy child of God's lips too? Certainly not.

 I rinsed it through cold water and rushed back outside, shaking from sadness and sorrow I put my arm around this beaten lady and whispered, "Lord Jesus, father be with her."

Blood was everywhere.

The first thought that came to my head was this woman is Gods precious child who is hurting, in despair, and need of comfort.

Every time she tried to talk blood would spew from her mouth and she would mix words of remorse...fear...pain...sorrow...second chances long gone...

It broke my heart. 

To me the definition of a mother is to nurture, restore, comfort, provide, and  a safe harbor.  Has God not called us to be mothers to the world as ambassadors of His message?  After all, we are all God's children. We are all brother and sisters in Christ.

Hopefully this woman will be okay. I don't mean okay as in her physical wounds, but her heart wounds.  I pray somehow she will find God's love and cling to it- for He restores, nurtures, provides, and is a safe harbor.

"But if anyone has the world's goods and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does God's love abide in him?"
1 John 3:17

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  1. Hey Sister, I'm reading through your blog and I wanted to add something. Scripture never says every human is God's child, it does say that we're all created by Him and all in the image of Him. It says though we are the creation that prior to being His child (via salvation) we are actually children of the devil. To become God's child we needs Jesus and then they're grafted into the Kingdom and then become heirs to the Kingdom and brethren to us. I pray for his creation, his image bearers, my fellow humans.

    Your story was so beautiful and brought tears from my eyes. How detrimental to see someone created in God's likeness, loved by the King and beaten so badly and be so separated from her destiny. I will pray for that woman that soon she will be adopted into the fold!