Thursday, June 14, 2012

Unitarian Universalist Church

I felt I was suppose to blog about this so... here it goes!

When I was pregnant,  I didn't feel comfortable in church and I certainly didn't feel comfortable around christian people.

Why? To me, my pregnancy was a visible sign of my sin and a big sign saying "JUDGE ME! I have totally had sex and I am so not married."  I am NOT saying Ian or Jordan were mistakes or sin, but I am saying that my life leading up to Ian was based on a lot of wrong choices and being led away from Christ's purpose for my life.

Since I didn't feel comfortable in church guess where I went to find acceptance?  All Souls Unitarian Church.  And ya know, its a beaaauuutiful place with amazing people, amazing music, wonderful cultural experiences, gay and lesbian pastors and couples, and some sort of spiritual environment of love.  I went because I felt I was not judged or looked down upon for this growing life in my womb.

Recently, I have felt that God is redefining me, God is teaching me right and wrong, God is showing me WHY and WHERE to find answers to my questions about worldly stuff through His word and Holy Spirit.

At first, I thought Christians could go to a Unitarian Church and still find God, but the truth is, a Unitarian or Universalist Church is a place of tolerance and acceptance of sin.  It is not a place where the Holy Spirit is present, but a place of a different type of spiritual confusion.

God is not a God of confusion!!!

All I know is that I am called, as a follower of Christ, to be set apart.  God's word is clear about issues and I have found that all I have to do is ask God to reveal His word and the right way to me.

Its a beautiful thing.

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