Monday, July 9, 2012

Creation of Sound

God has truly opened up a whole new world of music to me. Which says a lot! I'm a very, very picky person when it comes to music. So, the christian music I hear on the radio makes me want throw my stereo out the car window. I wish all worship sounded like Radiohead, M83, Jose Gonzales, Sigur Ros, Beachhouse.... I think you get the picture. Recently, a friend, hey Jacob, has introduced me to some great new worship that has changed my life. During this music fast, I am truly seeing that music is not only a creation from God, but that music is also a way we communicate with the heavenly father. Being the daughter of a extremely talented musician, hey dad, a wife of an extremely talented musician, hey honey love, a woman who sings everyday, and a lover of music, I often notice how amazing it is that the musicians body is totally engulfed in their creation of sound. It's SO amazing to me that a guitar even exists and that man has the ability to creative something extravagantly beautiful from wood and strings. Truly a gift from God. You know what is even more incredible? That music has the capability to invite the holy spirit to invade the space where it is heard. Most of all, I have once again learned that when I am tuned into the holy spirit it's much easier decode truth from darkness.

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