Thursday, September 13, 2012

With a Heavy Heart...

With a heavy heart I write these words...

mere mumblings of my heart laid out paper.

Its been so long since I've spoken to you, heard your voice, or heard your thoughts.

My heart is heavy, but healing is vast, deep, a long drawn out beautiful process.

It's been over a year. Looming heartache is dissipating.  

God promises healing, but because of my faults I feel the stings of a life I never lived, nor will ever live.

I feel God's spirit moving in my life, creating new and beautiful things.  

"The sun will rise, wont you dry all your tears and lay your burdens down?"

My prayer? My prayer is that God will continue to bring forth beautiful things in these hearts.  Separate, lovely, beautiful, different, God-inspired, God-driven, God- breathed desires that come from Him alone.

What a beautiful picture of God's grace and healing in hearts of those that need it the most.

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