Monday, March 24, 2014

Birthing the Miraculous

On January 6th, I watched a documentary, Compelled by Love, about Heidi Baker, an extreme lover of God and missionary in Mozambique.  I believe me watching this documentary was not by accident.  Before I go on, watch the trailer for the film.

This film inspired me to be a yielded, radical lover of Jesus.  I watched Compelled by Love on my iPhone in Ian's room while he was playing.  After awhile he said, "momma what are you watching?" I told him it was about this woman who loved God so much that she is a missionary in Africa! A missionary is someone who tells others about God's love for them and that Jesus died for them.  Ian, I want to do that, too!" I told Ian about how God uses Heidi and people in Mozambique to heal others. I told him that we, too, can do that! I told him how we just need to ask God to come live inside us and live for him.

Ian said,

"I want God to send Jesus to earth to heal people."

"I want to help Jesus heal people."

Then he said quietly, "God, come live inside me."

Then he whispered very softly, "God give me a dream." Looked at me and said, "I just tell him that!"

Let me tell you, God is about to do something in my family.  I really believe it and I wanted to write this blog post that I can look back and remember this.  I really feel this year is going to be different.  I believe that God is going to do some things that will propel my family into its calling.

Three weeks ago, I realized Heidi Baker has written books. I got so excited I knew I was suppose to order one! I prayed about it and felt the spirit leading me to buy her most recent book, Birthing the Miraculous.  I read it in two weeks and I have not read a book that quickly since before Ian was born. but I stayed up many nights reading Birthing the Miraculous and I believe this book was written for me to read.

Let me share some parts of the book:

"What does it mean to be overshadowed in the secret place? What does it mean to be overtaken and fully possessed by the Holy Spirit? What does it mean to dive deeper into the river flowing from God's heart? It means our life is not our own. It means we no longer exist for our own desire but His. Nothing is impossible in a life that is utterly yielded to Him...He is inviting us to dive deeper into the river of His presence so we can experience true life."

"I believe the Lord is calling us to a lifestyle of laid-down love that goes beyond waist-deep in the river.  It is a permanent lifestyle of 'lower still'. It is a call to dive into a love that is limitless, ceaseless, and bottomless- a call to relinquish control."

"It is when you become immersed in the love of the Father that you truly begin to love like Jesus."

"And God wants to take control us beyond what we can control.  He wants to take us to a place where we can be moved in any direction purely by the flow of His presence."

"I want to be fully immersed in the Holy Spirit.  I want to be completely covered until no one will see me, but only Christ in me."

"I feel that the Lord is inviting us into a place we have been afraid to live in- the supernatural realm of His kingdom, where His manifest presence surrounds and holds us like water in the ocean's depths.

"His river flows through us as a consequence of the intimate love found in the secret place.  We have to enter this river for ourselves in order to get the life that is found there.  Once we are immersed in His river, life will also follow us wherever we go- even into the darkest of places."

"Fruitfulness if birthed from love.  Bearing fruit is a delight, but it is not the final goal.  Intimacy with God must be our purpose. If we pursue Him above all else, fruit simple happens."

"Abundant fruit is the result of surrender, and any life that is laid down for the sake of love is a ministry life."

"We must remain in him at all costs.  The means yielding to Him when he speaks and obeying him.  It also means learning to rest in him."

"The Lord looks across the earth for sons and daughters willing to be fully possessed.  The lord looks for a resting place.  Will it be you?"

"The transition has come and it is time for God's promises to be born in our lives.  It is time to bear the most precious of fruits...God is ready and eager to perform miracles of supernatural swiftness on behalf of His children. On this very day He is even more eager than we are to see all of us coming together into the fullness of our destinies.  He loves for us to grow up into the fullness of His Son-Jesus Christ." 

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