Saturday, March 1, 2014

To Be Methodist or Not To Be Methodist?

The past month has been a whirlwind of the Lord opening doors and bringing opportunities into my life.

My most recent prayers have been that God would use me to impact people! Another lingering prayer of mine for the past 4 or so years has been for God to use my ability of singing and playing the piano for Him.

About a month and a half ago, I felt the Holy Spirit say to visit Christ United Methodist Church.  I thought, "God, did you know that I'm not methodist? Remember you called me to be at Believer's Church? Why would I change churches?! Why would I go to a methodist church?"

I did not listen and I did not visit Christ United Methodist.  I went on my way and I stayed in my comfort place of my church, with people I know, and the worship that I love.

Two weeks after that, I went to Christ United to fill out paperwork to be a fill in worker for church events.  My co worker works in the nursery at Christ United so this was my connection.  During this time of filling out paper work and touring the children's ministry, I met with the director so she would know my face for when I would sub.  

Before the tour, the Children's director for the church said, "I don't know why I'm telling you this, but we need a Children's leader for the 5th and 6th grade program.  You are exactly what we are looking for and it would be a miracle for this person to be sitting in my office within the next couple months."

During this conversation is when I remembered the lord had beaconed me to visit this church I was now sitting in.

Before I knew it, my heart had been completely melted as I walked into the 5th and 6th grade room. As I looked at the pictures of the 5/6th graders I held back tears and I felt the Holy Spirit melting my heart for these kiddos!!

I thought, "LORD NO!! I love my church! I'm not a methodist...I'm a CHARISMATIC believer!" I quickly learned I need to stop judging other denominations.  Just love people.  God calls us to love people.

I just cannot say no to God.  And I have learned to say I am sorry to God.  It's funny, after years of praying on my face prayers of God "use me", I said no and questioned Gods judgement of calling me to a methodist church. Is Jesus concerned about whether I am labeled Methodist or non denominational?

This church is such an awesome place and I feel so blessed that God has called me to be apart of it!

I have learned that I cannot say no to God!!

On my way to church on this Wednesday, I was talking with the Lord and asking him to use the gift of playing the piano and singing.  And on the way home from church another co worker called me and asked if I would lead worship for their brand new church.

I cannot say no to God.  

Tomorrow I will start leading worship for Living Word of Grace.  I'll do it for as long as God says to and I'm thankful for this opportunity.


With this said, when I started my second job at Christ Church I also had a massive wave of spiritual warfare.  This hit me through depression and anxiety.  After about three days this began to lift. Praise God!


  1. The deepest spiritual experience I've ever had was a Walk to Emmaus at Christ United. Did a lot of praying in that sanctuary. My oldest friends, and some of the best Christians I know are Methodists. Of course, Sue and I spent about 30 years in the Methodist Church. Still love it... Although it depends on the congregation. By the way, most of the Methodists we know are charismatics, :)

  2. Allie thank you so much for sharing this. It is amazing what GOD can do when we just give HIM us. I love being able to watch this journey you are on to become the woman of GOD HE created you to be. Thank you for honoring GOD and giving me the honor of praying for you and your whole family.

  3. Allie! I was so happy to see that you're keeping up with your blog, unlike me. And boy, did your words wake me up. Praying for something for years and then say no because it doesn't look the way we think it should. Thank you so much for being open and sharing your experience with us! I'm excited to see where your journey takes you!